Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Caldon 2010 - Leek

Caldon 2010
31 October 2010

Having been on the move for nearly four days we were running low on some essentials like milk and bread. Whilst the  Caldon is very lovely, it is not overly blessed with places to buy stuff, so you need to get it whilst you can.

Leek's lovely college

We got the bikes out and cycled up the old towpath where the line of the canal has been buried beneath a scrapyard, before emerging in a nondescript industrial park. Turn left for 400 yards and Morrison's comes into view.

Leek market square

The problem with Leek (and there are several) is that the real town sits high high up on a hill and it's a real trek up from the supermarket. Having gone that far we cycled up into the town to take a look around but soon wished we hadn't bothered.

The town is remarkably unremarkable, built in utilitarian red brick and generally down at heel. Sure there are a few interesting buildings like the college and the town library but in the main it is jaded Victorian.

Leek library

In am sure the residents will protest loudly but the best thing about the trip was the ride back to the boat - downhill all the way.

Leek Market

One final moan / observation. I am a sucker for new payment technology and always make a beeline for the self service checkouts. At Morrison's we has 10 items and out of this small group he had to seek assistance no less than 8 times! Morrison's you have got something terribly wrong - you don't get this at ASDA or Tesco.

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Simon said...

a shame - I liked Leek a lot!