Saturday, 6 November 2010

Pensnett Arm - the bitter end

Pensnett Arm - the terminus
November 2010

The final lengths of the Pensnett are accessed via the bridge on the Stourbridge Road at its junction with Fens Pool Avenue.

Pensnett Canal East of Dudley Rd

An electrical sub station sits to one side of the canal, which emerges from behind the factories and reclamation yards in a tree lined trough. With a bit of a scramble it is possible to get into the cutting and make your way along it for a few hundred metres, not that there is much to see. The bed is reed filled and very boggy but the density of the vegetation means that there is little to be seen that can't be observed from the bridge parapet.

The Wallows 1902

As for the bridge, the original is long gone but on the western side a small section of original abutment appears to remain. From here the line runs beneath a new building before being covered by Fens Pool Avenue, a modern access road into the industrial estate. This area used to be known at The Wallows. This terminus was the site of the Lord Wards mines, with the Fens Branch lying just to the west. Fens Pools lie just to the north and presumably represent the area of subsidence into the mine workings themselves.

Fens Pool Avenue - The Wallows 2010

The Dudley Library post a good picture of this location in its heyday:

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