Monday, 11 April 2011

Bancroft Basin Stratford on Avon

Bancroft Basin
Stratford on Avon
April 2011

Visits to Stratford offer a happy confluence of interests in the Ahab household, with Belle interested in the theatre and myself more interested in the canal basin and he river.

RSC Tower with swans

Belle can often be seen disappearing into the bowels of yet another bookshop leaving me to fend for myself, and somehow, almost by magic, I find my legs taking me in the  direction of water.

The new RSC in Stratford

The Basin and surrounding gardens are a very pleasant place to pass the time, particularly now that the gardens have been transformed with picnicing very much in mind. But s well as the grass there are is a good selection of art and sculpture on display which offers some  good photographic opportunities.

The basin is still the mooring goldfish bowl it always was, but a bit more privacy can always be found  by dropping down onto the river and mooring on the meadows.

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