Friday, 1 April 2011

Theodore Boone - book review

Theodore Boone
by John Grisham
April 2011

I was unimpressed by the last Grisham book I read (The Broker), so I wasn't overly enthusiastic when Belle presented me with a copy of Theodore Boone which she had picked up in a three for two deal at Waterstones.

In the event I was pleasantly surprised. The book was an easy read - possibly too easy.

The plot line is based on Theodore Boone, a 13 boy with a fascination with the law. Both his parents were lawyers and his idea of a good time is to hang around the city court house. Such was his obsession that he knew as much law as many lawyers, and everyone at the court knew him.

All this history came in handy when a murder case was held. The consensus was that the accused was guilty but there was no real evidence. The guy would go free. Then a surprise witness emerges who could ensure a conviction, but he wouldn't testify. Young Boone was jumped from observer to player in one meteoric step.

Of course, justice wins out but how? You will have to read the book to find out.

Now I said that this book was an easy read and it strikes me that the book was written about a teenager for teenagers. I was through the 250 pages in no time, well 24 hours anyway. Strangely, whilst it was Grisham 'lite' it was also engaging and I was sorry when the end arrived.

The good news is that I can recycle the book - it is right up Jeff's alley.

So, its a good book. Different, light, but totally readable. Just remember to pack another book cos this one wont last you long.

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