Tuesday, 19 April 2011

In the Dock

Calf Heath Boatyard
Hatherton Canal
April 2011

The boating season is finally upon us and preparations are being made for the first trip of the 2011 season.

Wand'ring Bark in the upper basin for repair

But we have a git of a snag - no cooker. I ripped out the old one before Christmas but with one thing and another I havn't managed to get the new one fitted in. The trouble is that it involves gas, which is dangerous stuff in the confines of a boat and demands professional help. We have finally had the installation scheduled into the hectic life of the Calf Heath boatyard on the stub of the old Hatherton Canal.

The upper basin looking towards the lock into the Staffs and Worcester Canal

Saturday saw me taking the short trip up the private lock into the upper basin, to be greeted by Phil Jones who directed me to the right spot, three abreast just below the second lock on the canal.

The first lock has been on trouble for years, leaking and very rickety and the owners have finally bitten the bullet and installed new bottom gates. These things don't come cheap - costing £15k for the build alone plus the fitting.

Next time I wonder where my mooring fees go I will have an answer! Back next week to pick Wand'ring Bark up and then we are ready for out 10 day Easter cruise.

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