Friday, 8 April 2011

The Boat that Guy Built - episode 6

The Boat that Guy Built
Episode 6
April 2011

Not written as I watch this time - praise be to Sky Plus!

So this it, the final curtain
The show is over, its boosted my ratings of that I am certain!

I have enjoyed this series more for its hands on exploration of the technology of 150 years ago than for its boating context. But that's OK, because part of my interest in the canals is my fascination with all things Industrial Revolution. 

This last episode went the way of many short series, with lots of retrospective reflection on what has gone before. In that respect there was a bit too much recycled footage and too little new material. Having said that, the new bits were were great. First there was the Victoria Sponge Cake making escapade which included DIY cow milking with Guy getting the wooden spoon for his crumbling effort which was proclaimed "edible" - faint praise indeed.

Then there was the special darts board specific to Manchester, they are another throwback to an era past, and only 200 originals remain made out of solid Lime wood. Interestingly they have to be stored soaked in water or they crack. That sounds a bit too labour intensive for the typical boozer.

Finally, and most interestingly, they had a crack at taking a photo using 1850 equipment. The necessity to pose for 4 or 5 minutes as the snow fell around them in Newark Marina made for a chilly experience, but the atmospheric end results were very impressive.

And so Reckless had its official opening with some of the people who have helped in their projects wading through the snowdrifts to see her in all her glory. The pot was examined as was the mattress, sheet, mugs, clock and all the other bits and bobs they have made. They may not have covered a lot of distance on the water but they have  most certainly explored a lot of our industrial heritage.

So, when I reflect on the series as a whole, I would have to say it was not quite what I expected but it over delivered in different ways. All in all a real success - well done Guy and Mave, I hope we see you again.

As for Reckless, I understand that she is back at Seethay from whence she came. Whilst she may now be officially "built" I suspect that any new owner will be in for a fair amount of deconstruction before all those bodges can be put right.

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