Friday, 13 November 2015

C&RT Council Elections

C&RT Council Elections 2015
November 2015

Those of you with long(ish) memories will recall that I stood for the CRT Council during the last election and may have wondered why I am not on the list of boating candidates this time round.

Well, if fact I am standing for election to the Council, but as a representative of the Business Boating constituency! 

Since I last stood we have developed the preserve business (The Jam Butty) and this has resulted in both boats having business licenses - hence my switch to the business boating side.

The elections opened on line today and when you have received your security numbers (by e-mail or post) you will be able to vote till 11th December using the single transferable vote system.

If you go the the election website you will see some buttons on the right which provides access to all the candidates manifestos and some have provided short videos to give you more insight into why they are standing.

So, if you hold a business boating licence do pay the site a visit and select your order of preference for the candidates.

I would love to represent the boating businesses on the Council and would ask you to cast your vote for me please.

Thanks on advance - Andy

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