Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Grand Banks (3)

The Grand Banks
Tuesday 13th Oct

Another calm clear day with blue sky and calm seas and warm late summer airs. I know that today we head north to Newfoundland, passing just north of the wreck of the Titanic, to the southern limit of ice berg territory and given the warmth of both the  air and the sea It's hard to imagine we will see one, let alone collide.

A typical North Atlantic view

The state rooms don't come with a kettle or anything but why worry when there is complimentary room service? This is. Little slice of Art Deco paradise where there is one staff member to every two guests and every one of them is focused on our happiness and well being, particularly Larry, our porter who always calls me "sir Andrew", watches for our coming and going and sorts our room whilst we are away. He even spied Helen in her finery last night exclaiming "ooh, lovely lady in red". Give the man a house point!

Hmm, did I say clear and calm? As I type this at 11.30pm it's blowing a hooley out there and the boat it starting to pitch about in a distinct cross swell. 

 Lady in red

We managed a one mile promenade around the deck this morning (three laps) and Helen's pedometer indicates three miles overall which isn't bad, but short of visiting the gym it's tricky to get much exercise. Instead we attended a lecture about managing cold cases from a retired policeman which was fairly interesting followed by a slow waltz dance class  let by the inimitable Sergey and Olga which was very full and which we dipped out of after 40 mins. The afternoon was mostly spent reading, which is a rare luxury in a normally hectic life, followed by dressing up for some formal photos. We did have some taken last night but as they were only head and shoulders shots Helen donned her posh red ballgown again just for the shoot, then changed into a cocktail outfit and had a whole load more taken - the sacrifices we make for a few decent images!

We had another formal dinner after the Captains cocktail reception and paid the ballroom another visit later on, but the crush on the dance floor was intimidating and we gave it up as a bad job.

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Sue said...

Yes the 'Strickly thing does make the dance stuff a bit hectic so we don't join in. Not that Sir is a rubbish dancer, just he makes me feel like I am a rubbish dancer... At 77 he is pretty good with his feet after a lager or too!!