Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Entry Island - book review

Entry Island
by Peter May.

This is a book borrowed from the QM 2 Library, picked out on the basis that I really enjoyed the Lewis trilogy by the same author.

I reviewed the other books by Peter May and selected this because 1. It is a stand alone tale and 2. It has a Hebridean link which I so enjoyed in his previous publications. 

The author has something of a formulae in his book structure, which involved jaded detectives investigating current murders with a personal back story with both strands coming together at the end. Providing you don't overdose on them this predictable pattern is ok.

In this case you have a murder on a remote island in the Gulf of St Lawrence linked to the clearances in the highlands which accompanied the ten year potato famine. Both stories rattle along at a good pace, sucking me in and saw me completing its 500 pages in just over a day - not that I did a lot else! Both locations are wild and windswept and it seemed fitting that as I was crossing the same stretch of ocean albeit 150 years later and in the luxury of a state of the art ocean liner rather that steamship steerage in which 10 percent died in the three week crossing.

All in all a good page turner and an author I will no doubt return to again.

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