Thursday 9 June 2016

Life on the ocean wave

All at sea
June 2016

The last time we sailed down the coast of St Lucia it was aboard Endless Summer, a passenger carrying sailing boat based in Rodney Bay capable of carrying 60.

The Captain all at sea

This time it was aboard a similarly sized boat but it had been chartered exclusively for our party, so it was just the ten of us plus a crew of three. There was a well stocked bar and the captain had a good compilation of Reggie on his laptop, so the trip was bound to go with a swing.

Dancing the macarena

Ideally we would have liked to do the trip exclusively under sail but there was a timetable to keep so it was a motor sail trip south, with the trade winds helping us on our way and motoring back.

St Lucia coastline

With such a very small party the service offered was personal, including dancing lessons on the front deck and much "ass in the air" being acted out.


Whilst you wont know many of the people in this photo stream, they do convey the light hearted nature of our time afloat.

 Windjammer Landing - our last hotel on the island

Birthday girl with the inflatable zimmer

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