Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Captain in deep water

Deep sea fishing
June 2016

As an added bonus our hosts organised a deep sea fishing trip for anyone who wanted to go. Now I have been sea fishing before, off the coast of Wales on a trip which included Tony and Dave, but I have never tried deep sea fishing, so I signed up.

With St Lucia being a volcanic island it isn't far to the deep ocean and maybe 2 miles off Rodney bay we were in 1000 feet of water with scope to catch just about anything. 6 Lines were set with a selection of lures and baits and we moved around following the flying fish which were being driven up by larger predators deeper down.

The gyrations of the boat made for some extreme pitching and rolling which delivered a nausea inducing punch for some, particularly as we circled for three hours or so, never getting into any sort of rhythm. However, please note all the level horizon lines - Photoshop is a wonderful tool!

Captain Ahab's Great White Whale

Whilst the bites didn't come fast, they were steady and in the end we landed 8 fish ranging from 4 lbs to 14lbs giving us all an opportunity to take to "the chair". I am struggling to remember all the species but I know there were two sorts of Tuna and Dorado.

As with any fishing, there is quite a lot of sitting around but my role of official photographer kept me busy.

 Team Bateman

Another day draws to a close

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