Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Pop up trading opportunities

Pop up trading opportunities
June 2016

I seem to have stumbled across a new format for impromptu trading opportunities.

We usually have three formats for preserve trading on the boats :

1. The full blown stall trading from the butty under a gazebo as seen at canal festivals

2. Using a hanging rack off the hard section of the cratch on the butty (to be replicated by hanging shelves on the motor when I get round to making them).

3. Ad hoc sales as we mooch along prompted by the display boards having over the sheeting of the butty.

In recent weeks I have met up with the BCNS Explorer Cruises twice and because they have all heard about The Jam Butty and the foraged dimension to our products - they want to try them.

For a small group the full stall would be overkill but the other options dont really hit the spot. So, when we joined the May group for the loop through Walsall I set up the tasting boards on the roof of the butty and offered a dozen flavours for tasting. I was rather bowled over by the enthusiasm for the pop up event and was rushed of my feet satisfying orders from the boxes stored in the cabin.

The June cruise comprising 20 boats called at Longwood Boat Club last night and whilst I cant travel with them on this occasion, I was asked to pull the butty over the canal and set up shop in the jaws of the lock. The butty was duly poled over in the morning as the guests were arriving and I left a sign advertising a tasting session at 4.30. 

I had no idea how this would go but come the hour I put out the tasters and settled on the back cabin roof. Silly move - everyone came along and I didnt sit down again for an hour. As usual, the preserves were a big hit and there was the satisfying sight of lots of "Another jammy treat from Wild Side" bags wandering down the towpath.

I will catch up with the cruise again on Wednesday morning for the now traditional historical walk up the Bradley Locks Branch to the Bradley Works, and hopefully a swift pint in the Gospel Oak on the way back.

Sorry, no photos - I was too busy selling jam!

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