Thursday, 8 July 2010

Faces of Fear

Faces of Fear - Alton Towers
July 2010

I have to admit that I have a liking for theme parks and fun fairs.

I blame this all on Matilda, my mother, who abhored them. Naturally, this whetted my appetite and from the age of 17 I have paid regular homage to these cathedrals of thrills.

My latest venture was to take Jeff and his best friend to Alton Towers, a place that regularly adds new rides and somewhere I havn't visited for over a decade, so there was lots to see and do.

We spent the morning touring all the big thrill rides, but for the afternoon the lads did repeat rides whilst I played around with my camera trying to capture some "faces of fear" on the infrequently used sport setting.

We had a great day with loads of laughs. My favourite rides? The old stalwarts Oblivion and Nemesis won the day leaving the new upstats of Rita and Thirteen trailing in their wake.

The candid shots of punters being scared are rather amusing.

Three beautiful indian girls reduced to this...

The Sonic corkscrew

And my favourite of the day on Ripsaw...

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