Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Update from Captain Ahab

Just to let you know that Captain Ahab has not been sucked into a watery vortex or anything like that!

We are away on Wand'ring Bark on our way to Oxford, seeing Bones and Maffi along the way. I have got the Dongle to work but only on Belle's computer but all my photos are on mine. Technical solutions are available but not the time!

In the imortal words of Arnold Schwartzenegger - I'll be back.

2 comments: said...


Passed you when you were almost at the top of the Napton Flight. It was 5.30am, so let you sleep. Have a great trip. It was crazy in Cropredey when we went through (again well before 7am)!

Brenda and David, NB Mr David

Captain Ahab said...

Brenda and David
I was aware of a very early mover - but never guessed it was you. Did you go aground in the pound avove us? We ground to halt 100 yards before the top lock.
Croperdy was insane!