Monday, 12 July 2010

Open University - the final submission

Open Universtity
End of a course but the start of better photography
12th July 2010

When I started the OU course 12 weeks ago I saw the end as the final submission, a portfolio of 10 images which demonstrate compositional and technical skills developed over a three month period.

At the half way point we were tested on technical knowledge (98%) and the final weeks were devoted to more technical aspects of Photoshop Elements. Its now the end and my final portfolio has been submitted so what do I think?

Its been a great way of pushing the boundaries of my photography, seeing interesting images in places I would never have thought to look for them. My familiarity with Elements is certainly being used in my blog posts, with my image processing becoming both fast and second nature.  All in all its a time investment which is paying dividends out of proportion to the cost or commitment involved.

I get the impression that a lot of people take the course but never bother to submit the final assignment. Whilst the OU points mean nothing to me, I feel compelled to finish what I started and to test my end result against their panel of assessors. I suspect that I am my sternest critic and even among my "best" ten images all I can see are faults, and I am left with a burning desire to improve next time I go out with my camera - I know I can do better. And I guess that is the whole point of the course.

So here are my top 10, some of which you have seen before in different edits. You make up your own minds.



Monet Poppy

Heron in flight

Face of fear - Ripsaw

Pools of Light - Castlefields

Worcester Close

Up the creek - Blakeney

Shot across the bows - Gas St Birmingham

Dream Weaver - Weaver Navigation

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