Thursday, 1 July 2010

Eyton Lock- Shrewsbury Canal

Eyton Lock
Shrewsbury Canal
1st July 2010

By rights we should have started our cycle ride from Wappenshall Junction, picking up where we left off last time. But with little of the Shropshire Canal remaining before Longden on Tern there seemed little point, and by advancing our starting point were were just within striking distance of Shrewsbury itself.

Eyton Lock

However, we didnt want to miss any significant features on our travels so we drove to Eyton en route to Longden.

Eyton Lock Keepers Cottage

The canal through Eyton still carries water, but now its a drainage channel rather than a navigation, with Eyton Lock chamber containing a flood control wier.

West from Eyton Lock

In addition to the lock there is also a classic lock keepers cottage, standing to the north of the canal line but now surrounded by arable fields instrad of narrowboats. The canals route remains obvious from the long stand of trees, but the propensity for lift bridges hereabouts mean that tangible remains are very thin on the ground.

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