Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Humber Arm - Newport Canal

Humber Arm
Newport Canal
June 2010

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2. Eyton Lock
3. Long Lane
4. Longdon upon Tern Aqueduct
5. Longdon to Rodington
6. Withington to Berwick Wharf
7. Berwick Tunnel
8. Berwick to Shrewsbury

I mentioned a plan to visit the Shrewsbury Canal, following on from our recent exploration of the Newport Canal, and this 23 mile epic took place last week. You can therefore expect a short series on this long lost waterway, but before I embark on that voyage of discovery I would like to make mention of the Humber Arm.

Humber Arm - Newport Canal

When we explored Kinnersley Junction we saw the trough of the Humber Arm heading arrow straight south for Telford and figured it was worth a look one day. On our drive to the start of the Shropshie Canal cycle ride we found ourselves passing the extreme southern end of the Humber Arm and paused to take a closer look.

Humber Arm Warehouse

The owners of the adjancent cottage are said to be canal enthusiasts so we had a poke around, keeping a low profile and doing no damage.

What we found was quite a surprise, Far from the dry bed one would imagine we found a water filled channel with the remains of a warehouse at one end and a cute little hump backed bridge at the other. The site is enchanting and has been earmarked for restoration just as soon as the main line reaches Wappenshall.

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