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Newport Canal - west of Newport

Newport Canal - West of Newport
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June 2010

The town of Newport marks the middle point in the restored section, with nearly mile of watered canal existing to the west.

Newport Bridge

Newport Lock 1907

This western section is less attractive but is none the less bordered by a good path on both sides, which facilitates circular walks. It is also well stocked with fish and is a well used amenity with the local fishermen.

Tickethouse Lock and Bridge

The canal levels seem a bit odd coming out below Town lock at a point which seems too high for the adjacent road bridge. The reason for this is the sewer which has been laid beneath the bridge and then covered over. The waterflow is carried in a small concrete channel to Tickethouse Lock, a weed filled chamber and then on into open water as far as Polly's Lock where the line vanished once again beneath the farmers plough.

Pollys Lock at Newport

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