Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Worcester by night

Worcester by night
Monday 31st May 2010

With Jeff and Mr Truth settled down to watch a film I decided to have a little prowl around with my camera to "see what I can see". One thing led to another and before long I had wandered beyond Diglis Basin and down to the River Severn and along to the Diglis Hotel.

Worcester Cathedral

Then I sped the Cathedral all lit up for the night and yet more photo opportunities in and around the surrounding streets.

Worcester Cathedral Close

Having got lost I decided to try and find the Commandery which I know is on the canal, but along the way stumbled across the old Worcester Porcelain Works, with its long curving facade.

Worcester Porcelain

Worcester - an interesting city and well worth a nocturnal vist.

Gate to Kings School

I eventually found my way to the Commandery, the last access point to the towpath and then back to Diglis Basin. I was worrying about waking Mr Truth when I got back in, but I shouldn't have worried. Even at 11.30pm the film was still running and they hadn't even noticed that I was missing.

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