Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Bratch Pack

Bratch to Calf Heath
3rd June 2010
Staffs and Worcester Canal

Last days of trips are rarely memorable, often covering familiar waters overlaid with a sense of sadness that it is all over. Well not this one!

The sun shone from a cloudless sky of cobalt blue, the birds sang and best of all, all those boats we came up behind had spent the evening working through the Bratch leaving just nb The Peer (also from Calf Heath) and Wand'ring Bark to wait for 30 mins or so, exchanging gossip and generally setting the world to rights - as you do.

Rising through the Bratch

Whilst a bit behind schedule, Jeff and I were in no hurry. Perhaps the only thing to trouble us was the rapidly dwindling supply of food as we neared journeys end.

We called at Limekiln Chandlers to pump out, top up the water tank and refill with diesel. Its amazing how many people only use 20% of their fuel for propulsion!

Then it was back along the summit pound, Jeff steering whilst I cleaned the boat. A successful end to a very pleasant six day trip. There was little new water travelled, but lots to see none the less.

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