Monday, 28 June 2010

Derbyshire Skies

Derbyshire skies
June 2010

We had to make a visit to Tilly's school last week and after all the boring business was concluded we had a picnic in a nearby hayfield.

Hay bailers were chugging away behind us, walkers were strolling down the lane and horses were being exercised - all very English summer!

A friend has lent me a very snazzy wide angle lens and this was my first chance to use it.

The location was random - just the fields and skies of Derbyshire, but I liked the results.
The vertical image was particularly interesting in that I was standing under the trees and what you see is like a 45 degree segment or querter sphere, capturing what was directly above as well as what was in front.

I am not sure exactly how to use the potential of this borrowed toy, but I will enjoy experimenting.

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