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Newport Canal - Buttery Farm

Newport Canal - Edgmond to Buttery Farm 
Post 9
June 2010

West of Newport the canal wnaders off into oblibvion once again. Its route is indistinct and the lasting features few and far between.
Edgmond Wharf and lock (site of)
We picked up the line again at Severn Trent's Edgmond water extraction site, with the pumping station one of the only buildings actually built on the original line, and in this case on the site of Edgmond Wharf and its associated lock. The bridge and lock are long gone and just a line of trees indicates where open water flowed.
Remains of Bridge 22
Then it was back out into the countryside along narrow country lanes for a mile or so before we spied the remains of Bridge 22 standing isolated in a field. Were it not for the distinctive metalwork, you wouldn't know that this was ever a canal bridge.
Straine Brook Aqueduct (remains of)
Next up it was the Straine Brook Aqueduct, originally a three arch structure not dissimilar to the one which survives at Forton. The aqueduct has been bulldozed away and all that remains is one culvert and a few blocks of stone - the rest are piled in the adjoining farmyard.
East from Buttery Farm
We circled round Buttery Farm and found the reamins of Buttery Bridge , also razed to the ground. Buttery Farm seems to have it in for canal structures - everything in its vacinity has been completely demolished.
Last remains of Buttery Bridge (24)

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