Thursday, 24 June 2010

Stourport to Wolverley

Stourport to Wolverley
1st June 2010
Staffs and Worcester

We restocked in Stourport, finding four butchers but only one bakery which was a pain when we were mainly looking for bread. With the weather brightening we dicided to have a BBQ so stocked up on some home made beefburgers and sausages.

Stourport narrow locks and toll house

This bottom section of the Staffs and Worcester really is a delight, and even Kiddemenster has brushed itself doewn and made an effort. I was particularly impressed by the new mural in the bridge below Town Lock.

Part of the Kidderminster mural


The canal is notched into the red sandstone rock here and there making spectacular turns to avoid these obstacles.

Caldwell Lock

The evening was spent at Wolverley  where we christened the new boat BBQ and went  for a walk to sample the ale. The village is a complete delight and deserves a bit more exposure. I will run a proper post on this fabulous village tomorrow.

Mr Truth and Jeff set to with the barbie

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