Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Overexposure in Gas St Basin

Photographic expedition
Saturday 29th May 2010

Acting on something of an impulse I decided to go and take a few photos around Birmingham's waterfront at 11.00pm - which was maybe a bit unwise in restospect.

The area is a treasure trove of photographic opportunities but I hadn't bargained with the drunken hoards. Me prowling round with camera and tripod caused quite a stir and I was the target of many drunken conversations - all friendly but a bit wierd.

These conversations ranged from invitations into strip joints, the problems of insufficient light for night time photography, the attentions of a couple of rent boys and perhaps most amusingly, a couple of girls calling out from a tour boat "oh look - a sexy man with a tripod!"

I spent a good hour in Bridley Place, Gas St Basin, The Mailbox and Cambrian Wharf coming away with a clutch of decent photos but maybe I will miss Saturday night next time.

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