Friday, 11 June 2010

Open University eyes Gas Street Basin

Open University - week six assignment
Creating a group of photo's
11th June 2010

This was the week on the mid term on line test - the results are out today to I am keeping my tripod legs crossed.

Our other task was to create a themed group of photos and, with time against me, I decided to revisit a favourite haunt and so dashed down to Gas Street Basin and took a few additional photos.

Now, before I show you the end results, I think I have to give credit to Barry of NB Northern Pride for some compositional ideas. His recent look at Gas Street opened my eyes to perspective possibilities and I have quite blatantly recreated some of his works to prove to myself what is possible.

Barry - thank you for your help and encouragement. I am trying to "keep it simple".

Without further comment here are are the photos I used:

Statue cubed

Hyatt at night



Working boats

Gas St in Mono

Away from the Cube

Goosing the throttle

Tap and Spile

Bowing out


Halfie said...

I like the photos.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos of Gas Street. Could you let us know when you took them as it looks like those lovely people of the Away Group are using our mooring without permission.

Captain Ahab said...

Hello not so anonymous B&D.
I wondered if you would spot that. It was taken on Monday at lunchtime (7th June).