Saturday, 19 June 2010

And into Worcester

Stoke Prior to Worcester
Worcester Birmingham Canal
Monday 31st May 2010

13 Miles - 28 locks - 9 hours

An 8am start today, with Jeff fast asleep as we descend Stoke Locks. This is really an extension of the Tardebigge flight above the pub with only a very short pound in between. Look out for the bottom lock house with its lovingly maintained garden straddling both sides of the lock, complete with a warning notice not to trap ducklings in the chamber.

Diglis at night

On our way into Hanbury we passed the most recent addition to the "Away" fleet - a new trip boat which was being painted as it moved along. It's sign writing was half complete and I guess it will offer competition to the old Sherborne Wharf trip boat.

Lock keepers cottage - Worcester

As mentioned in my last post, we took a side trip into Droitwich before pressing on past the four radio masts which comprised "The voice of freedom" during WW2. We lunched indifferently at the Eagle and Sun, where the staff where overwhelmed by demand and very unappetising carvery's were being offered - remember the smell of school meals?. We settled for a swift pint in the grounds and moved on. 

Railway viaduct with spandrills

We passed through the final tunnel on the route, the Dunhampstead, at which point we picked up an incredibly slow hire boat. which tripped and slowed us all the walk into Worcester. By way of a diversion on a similar theme, we encountered a Viking Afloat boat trying to rise through Tolladine Lock without the faintest idea of how to do it. They clarly hadn't been given any tuition - which is a bit of a worry.

Diglis at sunset

We moored on the very fringe of Diglis Basin, beyond the waterpoint and can thouroughly recommend the spot. There is a fine old pub round the corner (The Anchor) and very limited access to the towpath from the town side which means the risk of and trouble is kept to a minimum.  Diglis is a great spot, where inland craft meet the sea going variety and offers loads of great photo opportunities.

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