Saturday, 31 July 2010

Paused at Thrupp

31st July 2010

It's perverse that my only blog post is when I am temporarily back on dry land, mid way on our trip to London via the Oxford Canal and the Thames.

What with a fairly challenging cruising schedule and teenagers wanting DVD's in the evenings there isn't much time for anything apart from keeping on top of my photos. Something has to give and in this case it's the blog. But that's OK, I enjoy writing up the trip records after the event and the process is all part of the experience, so you can expect some proper posts when we get back in a week or so.

Boots watching from the towpath

Bones very kindly offered us the use of her mooring in Thrupp whilst we do a "teenager shuffle" swapping them over between their different summer holiday activities. Today it was Tilly back to the Midlands and returning to Thrupp with Jeff tomorrow - at least we get some washing done overnight.

Maffi at The Boat

Without stealing my own thunder, I would mention a particularly enjoyable evening with Bones, Maffi and Boots. Our schedule went all to pot as we followed some new crews on Oxfordshire Narrowboats, so Bones wisked Belle and Tilly away to a thespian experience leaving  Maffi, Boots and myself to bring Wand'ring Bark down to Thrupp.

Crew of nb Harnser

After an 8.30pm arrival we made for The Boat, where live entertainment was in progress. We meet up with Bones, Maffi and Boots (who slept under the table) and also Brian and Diana, the crew of nb Harnser

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English Blogger (Davie B) said...

Why was Maffi and Boots sleeping under the table? were they sharing a bone and both fell asleep? Or had Maffi had one over the eight?