Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Devil - film review

Film Review
Cert 15

Jeff's social diary has a bit more slack in it at at the moment so we have decided to make our trips to the cinema a bit more of a regular event, and Jeff is making the selections with me retaining a power of veto.

We had some options this week but settled on Devil mainly because it was showing at a convenient time. I had reservations about the title but an endorsement form Mr Sound as a Pound at work convinced me to give it a go.

This is a low budget suspense thriller with a sinister twist which become more apparent as the tale unfolds. A group of five strangers get into a lift, which then stops between floors. Nearly all the film is shot  within its small confines and that of the building control room from which outside observers get to see what is going on and to try and intervene.

Every now and then the power fails, the lights go out and when the lights return another occupant is dead - but which one is the killer?. Or is it the Devil calling to collect his own as suggested by the religous security guard?

It shocked me how an absorbing the tale can make an hour and a half pass so quickly. There were few big special effects, no big names, no bangs or chase scenes - just an absorbing plot line.

Its not anywhere near a 10:10 film but it massively exceeded my expectations and is well worth a look is you don't mind paddling in the shallow end of the horror genre.

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