Thursday, 28 October 2010

Grazebrook Arm

Grazebrook Arm
Park Head, BCN
28 October 2010

The Grazebrook arm east the least of the five exits from Park Head Basin, striking off a few hundred yards to the east to service local foundries.

Grazebrook Arm entrance

Grazebrook Arm - the watered section

Today the first half is in water, passing under a flat topped bridge and then the tall railway viaduct before coming to an abrupt halt there factories have been built on its course. Sure the trees reach nearly all the way across the channel but beneath the surface the water appears clear and deep - plenty to float a narrowboat but with all the weed it may be better not to use the engine.

End of navigation on the Grazebrook

The canal is stanked off and beyond is a hundred yards of undergrowth before you reach the factory perimeter. To survey the rest if the line you have to retrace your steps back up Peartree Land and back up in Hulbert Drive. Here you are sitting on the line of the canal which continued into the estate along the line of the road to a basin terminus  now occupied by a car park.

 Peartree Lane crossing

Site of the Grazebrook terminus basin

Not the most enthralling arm but the watered section is well worth a look - you could even get your boat to the end if you had a mind to do so.

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