Saturday, 2 October 2010

Gnorious Gnosall

Gnosall village
September 2010

 Maintaining my plan of visiting the villages off the canal I decided to take a look at Gnosall but not the Gnosall Heath which straddles the cut but the real village of Gnosall which stands on a hill about 1.5 miles to the east. In all the times I have visited Gnosall Heath I have never ventured further than the chip shop so this was new ground.

We had moored overnight at the visitor moorings near the Navigation and as the day dawned clear and bright Matilda and I set off first thing.

Perhaps the most striking building is the Parish Church, perched at the very top of the hill and lovingly maintained by the parishioners.

The shops are very attractive, embracing the nostalgic and curious.

 Then there are the street scenes,with all the properties occupied and well maintained.

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