Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Park Head, BCN

Park Head
26 October 2010

Having had a good look at the Bumblehole area we moved on to Park Head with the aim of exploring the Pensnett Branch Canal. We parked up in the Dudley Canal Trust car park at Blowers Green Pumping Station (having asked permission) and took a stroll up to the basin from which there were no less than five exits.

 Blowers Green Lock

Taking it clockwise there is the Western portal of the Dudley Tunnel, the Grizebrook Arm (more on that another day), the three locks down to Blowers Green and finally the Pensnett Arm of which a couple of hundred metres have been restored providing a snug berth for a couple of boats as far back as the railway viaduct.

 Scenes from the three locks at Park Head
This is a pretty spot with the woods crowding down and the Viaduct offering a multi arched backdrop. Not that you will find many boats up here. Its a bit of a vulnerable spot and not somewhere to tarry alone.

Three bridges at Park Head
We did bring WB up her a few years ago, one sunny Sunday afternoon and spent a good hour trying to explain to incredulous locals why we were there. I don't they ever really accepted the "because its here" argument.

Dudley Tunnel entrance
This is a magical and unique spot on the BCN. An area of secluded tranquility where people come and stand on the bridges, lost in their thoughts as they stare down into the clear waters below.

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