Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Audlem to Barbridge

Audlem to Barbridge
Easter 2010 - Part 3
Sunday 4th April

10 miles - 6 locks - 4 hours

Easter morning and a visit to St John the Great for Easter Communion. The parish church offered a really warm welcome and the lady Vicar worked out immediately that we were "off the boats". Maybe it was the slightly down at heel clothes! What a lovely way to celebrate the day of the Lord's resurection - he is risen indeed. Belle and Tilly drove over in time for church armed with Easter Eggs, a roast chicken and sundry supplies we had overlooked.

St John the Great Audlem

After church we wents to take a look at Audlem Mill Craft Centre where a month long canal art exhibition was underway. Paintings are a very personal thing and it's not often I find an artist whose style is entirely to my taste. I was therefore delighted to discover Sheila Webster, a local artist whose translucent and misty style is quite beautiful, but the paintings come at a price so I will have to save up my pennies. There I was enthusing about the paintings not realising that the artist was standing behind me - its a good job I was being complimentary.

Belle bought a clippy mat kit to go round the fire on WB, another homely addition to look forward to.

Shed at Audlem bottom lock
The four of us set off and made steady progress to Barbridge. With is being a pleasant bank holiday Sunday there were boats a plenty, but the stong  winds played havoc with the less experienced helmsmen. At times nearly every boat seemed to me trying  to pole themselves off the lee bank. Just north of Audlem another new marina hs opened, as yet occupied by a handful of boats. With all these new berths, and so few new boats being built one has to wonder where the customers will come from.

Audlem marina

Just before Hurleston Junction we saw Silver Kroner, all decked out in her Sweedish blue and yellow. This craft was featured recently on Canal Boat and its key innovation is a huge retractable glass roof. The price for this multi layered glass assembly is a big lump at the back of the boat. Whatever the benefit inside, the damage this does to the aesthetics of the craft was a price too high in my view.

Hack Green stables

We had a splended roast meal at Barbridge before Belle and Tilly were wisked back to Audlem by taxi, leaving Jeff and I to our own devices once more.

Babridge sunset

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