Thursday, 1 April 2010

Seabourne Steel 1975

Seabourne Steel
Lower and Upper Avon

By the time we got to 1975 we had moved away form cruisers and into steel narrowboats. 

This transition took place when we hired a narrowboat from Seabourne Wharf at Tewkesbury, who managed their fleet off floating pontoons on the River Severn. We had booked a small narrowboat but it was broken, so we were upgraded to a brand new 50 ft craft called Seabourne Steel - and very nice it was too. 

We took this craft up the newly opened upper Avon to Stratford, crashing into a submerged lock foundation as we went along but apart from a tipped over cooker we were none the worse for the experience. I do remember the Captain Senior worrying about the possibility of a gas leak and planning to test the integrity of the pipe with a match - till I suggested some washing up liquid might me more effective and a great deal safer!. Sadly, there are no photos of Seabourne Steel so I can do mo more than  make a mention of the trip and so complete the record.

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