Friday, 9 April 2010

Diane 1977

Staffs and Worcester Canal

Just as I thought I had unearthed  all the forgotten trips, along comes another one.

Diane was hired from Empress of Warwickshire who, if my memory is right, were based out of Penkridge Basin.

This was another fibreglass topped 50 footer which we took down to Stourport Basin in the early autumn of 1977, year of the Queen's Silver Jubilee. Bo you remember all those telephone boxes painted silver and the street parties complete with bunting? 

 Botterham staircase pair 1977

It was also the year I sat my 'O' levels (I duplicated all my CSE's except woodwork) so this marked an end to that stressful period and a start of a sumewhat under par performance in my 'A' levels, but that's another story altogether. 
It's a shame I didnt pay more attention to the trip, and I would have been astounded if you had told me that thirty years later I would not only be cruising these waters again, but also mooring my very own narrowboat on the summit pound.

 Rising through the Bratch 1977

The weather was kind and from the photos the Capt Snr took, the drop down to Stourbridge remains remarkably unchanged. The double locks at Botterham, complete with a lock keepers cottage all look the same, as does the still impressive Bratch.

 Stourport Basin 1977

I could have sworn that my trip into the Stourport Basin last year was a boating first, but apparently not!

The one final recollection of this trip was The Captain Snr's annoyance that someone had piched the hub caps of hus Humber Sceptre - a loss he held Penkridge accountable for and a disgruntlement he took to his grave.

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