Monday, 19 April 2010

Norbury Junction to Audlem

Norbury Junction to Audlem
Easter 2010 part 2

3rd April 2010

17 Miles - 21 Locks - 8 Hours

We awoke to find sun streaming in, accompanied by soft spring air which was such a contrast to the arctic  conditions of yesterday.

Shroppie Fly at Audlem

We set off into Grub St cutting, which was somehow reduced in grandeur with the trees devoid of their leaves and the edges of the cutting very visible against the morning sky. The recent rains had saturated the surrounding land and all the drains were pouring torrents of muddy water into the canal at every opportunity, and causing every overflow weir to foam with surplus water. The by washes at Tyrely were similarly awash and playing merry hell with boats moving upstream. However the raw edge of winter seems to have given way to spring.

Audlem Locks

As we passed through the Adderley flight a boat waithing to ascend suddenly slewed across he cut shouting that he had lost power. One look down the engine hatch revealed that far from  snapping a throttle cable, the problem was more fundemental, and more serious. The prop shaft coupling had sheared off letting the engine settle 2 inches out of true. Good job the owner belonged to RCR, who were on the scene within the hour.

NB Dane

We passed a wooden working pair on the Audlem Flight, a live aboard butty being bow hauled, followed by the Motor Boat "Dane", and old FMC tanker by the looks of it. The poor chap was working both locks, bow hauling the butty and then dashing back on his bike to move the motor - no wonder he looked knackered.

Audlem Stables

We rattled down the first 11 of the Audlem flight, stopping at the visitor moorings between locks 11 and 12, near the Bridge Inn. I tried the dongle for the first time and discovered a problem on the credit front - bother!

Audlem Visitor Moorings
Belle and Tilly will be joining us tomorrow for the Easter Service at Audlem Parish Church and then on to Barbridge catching a taxi back to recover her car. Lets hope the good weather holds for another day.


Halfie said...

Duke or Dane? Whatever the name of his boat - he is, you'd have to say, steering by the seat of his pants!

Captain Ahab said...

You are right - its Dane. Bad note keeping on my part!