Thursday, 13 May 2010

Burgh Mill reworked

Reworking the image of Burgh Mill
13th May 2010

This digital photography course of mine has the hidden benefit of causing me to revisit my old files of photos and having a go at re-working some of them in Photo Shop Elements (PSE).

I don't know if any of you have experience of PSE, but it's functionality is far superior to the proprietory sofware which came with the camera. You have to start with a decent RAW image but then there is so much that can be done to enhance it in the digital darkroom.

Burgh MIll, Nr Aylsham

I used this image of Burgh Mill as a test for a number of features, a photo which cost me a very wet foot when I waded over a flooded meadow last November.

I like the fact that the mill is still in is raw state, ie it hasn't been converted and it's woodwork is all original, if somewhat rotten. It is attached to a beatifully restored mill house, but this is hidden in the trees. The one element which didn't fit was the TV ariel  as this poked out above the apex of the roof. I made my first forray into picture manipulation are "lost" the ariel completely. I am sure my effort was clumsy in the extreme but I am pleased with the end result.


Halfie said...

Andy, I started a comment on this, but it turned into rather a long rant which I think is better as a blog post. All I will say here is that I think removing things from a photo is wrong!

Captain Ahab said...

Its a good subject for debate.
I know where you are coming from and tend to lean in your direction but where does one draw the line? If cropping is ok, what about altering the brightness to recover a dark image. If thats ok what about lifting the colour / hue a bit to compensate for a dull day or poor lighting conditions?
Its then a short step to erasing and cloning - where does one draw the line.
I am not sure I will go in for much of this photographic skulduggery, but it is really interesting to see and experience what is possible. I find myself looking at published photos in a different way - where once I saw a lovely image I now see the tweaks which have been added in the electronic darkroom.
Maybe ignorance was bliss.
You are right - it would make for an interesting post - I am sure Andrew Denny will have some thoughts...