Friday, 21 May 2010

Chaffweed 1978

Chaffweed 1978
Weedon to Stratford
This was one of our later hirings from the now defunct Concoform Marine at Weedon, and in keeping with Captain Ahab Snr's desire to pack as much into his annual week of boating as possible, the desicion was made to get to Stratford on Avon and back in six and a half days.

Of course, this meant the Ahab junior was given the task of working the many locks, including both sides of the Hatton Flight in a single day. Oh how I ached at the end!

The memory of toiling up the hill at Hatton will stay with me forever, together with the frustration of the slowness of the single paddles locks of the South Stratford. 


Matilda also has memories of this trip, but due to frustration of a different sort. She was very long suffering about the extended days but she had been really looking forward to an afternoon in Stratford but, because our descent into the town was so slow, we arrived late and just had time for a quick cup of tea in Bancroft Basin before we had to turn round and retrace our steps all over again. Even today, after over 30 years her annoyance is palpable!

Given the demands of the trip few photos were taken and the three in this post are all I can find.

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