Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A new perspective on photography

Open University photography course - second assignment
11th May 2010

I promised a weekly update on the OU photography course.

This week it has all been about balancing the image, trying to find elements which follow the "third" lines. This is easier than it looks. I have routinely tried to put the horizon either one third from the top or one third from the bottom, but breaking the rule for reflectons when it goes slap bang in the middle.

Blakeney in North Norfolk

My aim this week has been to introduce subject matter on the vertical thirds, and using cropping to achieve this balance. The above is my attempt to balance an image of Blakeney in the vertical thirds. The boats have been used to achieve this end.

The other part of the assignemt was to crop images of a favourite place, person or object. Hmm, let me think - whats my favourite object? Oh yeh I've got a boat.... Have I ever mentioned it?

Reflected light off the foam illuminating the bows

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