Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Aldborough Mill revisited

Aldborough Mill revisited
12 May 2010

I posted an entry about North Norfolk's Aldborough Mill on New Year's Day and it provoked quite a response from the local inhabitants. 

Back of Aldborough Mill

One comment which stuck in my mind was in response to my observation that it wasn't the most likely candidate for a conversion, being based on a series of rather ramshackle asbestos extensions. I am sure Prince Charles would have found the word 'carbunkle' coming to mind (in its unconverted format).

As I was passing through the village on Sunday with Jeff and Matilda we parked up and walked round Aldborough Mill on the Weavers Way. At first glance it has retained more of the proportions than I anticipated, and bore a passing similarity to the original. However, and there has to be a however, my issue isn't with the shape but the materials used.

Old Norfolk watermills tend to be clap boarded (not asbestos covered) and to try and achieve this feel PVC "planks" have been added. This substance is not weathering well and instead of gaining a flaky patina of age they just look grubby and tired. I know they need less maintenance but I would go for real wood fixed to a brick wall anyday - even if it does need re-painting every five years or so.

Corpusty Mill - with its PVC coated upper section

I am glad the mill has survived, but the plactic coating was a real mistake - and one which has been repeated elsewhere.


Jonathan Neville said...

I run the Norfolk Mills website and I would like to contact Captain Ahab for permission to add some of his information and photos to my page for Aldborough Mill.
I cannot find any way of sending an email so I can only hope this gets through.
Jonathan Neville

Captain Ahab said...

I have replied by close e-mail to the address quoted.