Thursday, 6 May 2010

Photography Assignment No1

Open University Digital Photography Course T189
Assignment No1
6th May 2010

The start of my OU digital photography course arrived on 1st May but before that there was a cunninglly inserted "week 0". This week 0 was something of a familiarisation exercise to make sure we knew how to access the material and post our photos on the shared drive for student feedback.

 Aerated Water bottle from Northwich

It was surprisingly easy to use and I soon entered 12 recent images, mostly the ones you have seen on the blog of my travels to Manchester and back at Easter.

But now we are into the nitty gritty, looking at the technicalities of composure, lighting and the impact this can have on the end result. We are also being asked to look at things from different perspectives and see the possibilities in the mundane. This is the subject of Assignment No1.

 ...looking strangely like the Gherkin in London

Actually we are given a number of options to work on, but all on the same general theme. I remembered a strange torpedo shaped bottle I dug up in the garden years ago and figured I could do something with it. So I trotted out into the garden on Monday afternoon when we go back from our weekend on Wand'ring Bark armed with camera and said bottle.

 Neck set in a bed of Oregano!

The images on this page are the three I particularly liked but my apologies that they are a bit arty and not my usual subject matter. I thought you might like to see how the course is panning out. I plan to do a little review of the course each week and include my assignments. Feel free to criticise, I am getting used to it!


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