Tuesday, 4 May 2010

International Star Wars Day

International Star Wars Day
4th May 2010

Today is the unofficial but widely recognised International Star Wars Day, a day set aside to ponder the significance of George Lucas' sprawling six part Sci Fi extravaganza , shot over a 20 year period and which served to expand our horizons to the Death Star and beyond.

How many of you havn't at some time brandished your mop whilst emitting a buzzing sound to represent a fully functional light sabre?

It's good to know that in the far flung reaches of the Universe, long, long in the future good still triumphs over evil and the good guy wins the heart of the fair maiden. A modern take on the oldest story in the book.

So, raise your sabre's to this celluloid marvel, which has made its mark on the world and allowed our imaginations to be transported to places beyond the wildest dreams of our fathers.

To help you get in the mood have a look at Eddie Izzard's 'Death Star Canteen' - itself a little legend in its own lunchtime.

Andy why celebrate Star Wars on this particular day?

"May the fourth be with you".

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