Saturday, 19 December 2009

Bantley Canal, Fibbersley Cycleway

Bentley Canal
Fibbersley Cycleway detour
December 2009

As part of our expoloration of the area we took a trip down a well made cycleway, which starts at Fibbersley Nature Reserve. The route follows an abandoned railway line through some very pleasant cuttings ending up near Clarke's Lane where one can rejoin the obliterated line of the Bentley canal.

The cycleway is paved and continues to follow the route of the railway, tracking through the Temple Bar bridge and then on through the wide span of Cemetry Road Bridge.

Temple Bar Bridge

Cemetry Road Bridge

An interesting detour if you fancy making a circular route of it.

If the going is soft underfoot, this well maintained route is a good alternative to the heavily overbuilt and boggy section of the Bentley Canal to the north.

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