Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Rebuilt bridges of the River Bure

Rebuilt bridges of the River Bure
November 2009

The River Bure has relatively few road crossings along the upper reaches which comprised the Aylsham Navigation. Most are of a distinctive flat top design, which seems incongrous when viewed alongside the arched brick bridge at Coltishall before the 1912 flood, the double arch of the old isolated Mayton Bridge, or the red brick arches of the bridges at Aylsham.

Burgh Bridge 2009

In particular I am thinking of the bridges at Oxnead and Burgh, and to a lesser extent the one at Mayton Bridge.

Oxnead Bridge - South face

These structures appear to have been reapaired as a job lot after the 1912 flood and a bit of imagination is needed to imagine them in the days trading wherries passed beneath them.

Oxnead Bridge - North face

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