Sunday, 6 December 2009

M&GN Railway Bridge - Aylsham Navigation

Great Eastern Railway Bridge
Aylsham Navigation
November 2009

Before we travel upstream from Buxton it is worth taking a walk down the towpath to the Great Eastern railway bridge which spans the Bure at the confluence of the cut to the lock and the wier stream.

This rather splended bridge was neglected and peeling in the 1970's with just the occasional freight train rolling up the line to the concrete factory at Lenwade. The 1980's saw the route abandoned, only to be revived as the Bure Valley narrow gauge railway in the 1990's.

Old navigation channel to Buxton Lock


Anonymous said...

The Buxton bridge is Great Eastern Railway, NOT Midland and Great Northern. The M&GN route was connected to the GER in 1960 after the majority of the M&GN had been closed in 1959.

Anonymous said...

The railway bride is Great Eastern NOT M&GN. The lines were connected in 1960 after the majority of the M&GN was closed in 1959.

belle said...

My apologies - my knowledge of the finer points of railway ownership are not a strength! I suspect I got this faulty bit of info drom the internet somewhere. To me it was always "the railway" which ran at the bottom of my garden in Coltishall. Happy to stand corrected.