Thursday, 24 December 2009

Excitement in the Captain's Cabin

Excitement in the Captain's Cabin
24th December 2009

There was much activity in the Captain's Cabin last night, and none of it nefarious!

Little was I to know that my recent quote from The Reverend Cleophus James (of Blues Brothers fame) would prove to be so prophetic:

And now people. When I woke up this morning, I heard a disturbing sound.

Last night I woke of in the middle of the night and was quietly pondering on the well being (or otherwise) of the water pipes on board Wand'ring Bark when I did indeed "hear a disturbing sound". On this occasion it wasn't a "thousand lost souls" but merely the one who had managed to plough straight into the parked vehicle which had, till 2.30am, stood in front of my neighbours house.

The scene form the Captain's Cabin - 3.00am 23rd December 2009

The impact sounded like half the roof falling off and I was up and at the window within 10 seconds. The scene that greeted me was surreal. The parked car was stove in at the back and had been shunted 100 yard down the road, and the other vehicle had slewed round, destroying all four sides and ending up in my neighbours drive with steam trailing from the front and red blood like coolant dribbling away down the curb.

The most alarming bit was the discovery of the unmoving form of the driver slumped across the passenger seat. We dashed down to find a very stunned driver hauling himself unsteadily to his feet and unable to communicate anything beyind a denial that he had been driving! Yeh - right.

And so began a procession of officialdom, starting with the police, then the ambulance service and finally the recovery waggon, which rolled up and did its noisy stuff at about 4.00am.

The final score:

Two written off cars
One sorry individual hauled off to face D&D / substance abuse charges
One destoyed front wall
A nights sleep lost for the residents.

Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day............. not.


Halfie said...

Wow - that's spectacular! Great photo.

Captain Ahab said...

But I thought that the waterways like was a bit thin - although absolutely true!