Saturday, 5 December 2009

Buxton Mill, River Bure

Buxton Mill
River Bure / Aylsham Navigation
November 2009

Buxton Mill is the second mill on the old Aylsham Navigation, a big imposing white weatherboarded mill dominating the local landscape.

Buxton Mill 2009 and 1906

This mill was was convereted into housuing years ago but little reamins of the original structure as, like Horstead further downstream, it caught fire and was razed to the ground in 1991.

 The fire of 1991

Buxton Mill in 2009 and 1905

The current version of the mill has a similar three peaked roofline but much has been altered to satisfy the needs of its occupants. As with most of my attemps to deliver faithful then and now photographs, the old views are obscured by trees, but I have done my best.

As for the Lock which passed to the south of the mill, it was well and truly wrecked during the 1912 flood and then infilled and covered by a road, leaving only the lock cut to indicate its whereabouts.

Views of Buxton Lock after the flood in 1912, and now in 2009