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Sherlock Holmes - Film Review

Sherlock Holmes
Film Review
27th December 2009

Whilst the new Guy Richie version of Sherlock Holmes may have got the thumbs up from the critics, and has grossed more money in the box offiice in it's first week than Avatar, it gets a rather modest 5/10 in my scorebook.

This score comes as something of a surprise to me, and feel free to shoot me down in flames, but I found the film, well, dull. It's strange but the whole is somehow less than the sum of it's parts.

The production was lavish, the spectacle was magnificent and victorian London was spot on. What was more, the characters we fleshed out and completely believable and the action moved on at a teriffic pace, so what was missing?

A decent plotline, that's what was missing. The story ground it's way along a well worn path and I found myself more aware of the audience than the action on the screen. A sure sign of a poor film.

It was interesting to watch the reaction of the audience as they left the auditorium. They are all very muted and I could near none of the "did you see..." you get with a truly great film.

So, a film which failed to live up to expectations. It has generated no gossip in the office and whilst it was set up for a sequel with the unsublte introduction of Professor Moriaty at the very end, I for one will not be hurrying out to see it!

A truly forgettable film.

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