Sunday, 10 January 2010

St Trinians 2 - The Legend of Frittons Gold

St Trinians 2 - The Legend of Frittons Gold
Film Review
January 2010

My festive film viewing was eclectic if nothing else!

No sooner had I recovered from Sherlock Holmes that I found myself thrust into the madcap world of St Trinain's, without even an opportunity to view of the original to give it some kind of context.

I needn't have worried because this isn't the sort of film that needs a context, just an open mind that anything is possible, if fuelled with sufficient quantities of eostrogen. This is mad cap slapstick with some really funny one liners thrown in for measure. It's the sort of film where you get exactly what you expect, and come away giggling. No depth, no real plot, no real caharacter formation but a whole lot of playing for laughs.

For what it's worth, the plot is that the girls return to a 'school with no rules' presided over by an inept Rupert Everett as Headmistress. The baddie, David Tennant, heads a secret society hell bent on recovering some treasure buried away over 400 years ago, and the chase is on between the girls and the women hating baddies. Of course, the girls win after an utterly implausible chase, led on by Talulah Riley (you have got to love that christian name) as a miniskirt and stocking clad head girl, ably supported by an assortment of Emo's, Goths, Bimbo's, Chavs and Nerds.

If the sight of Talulah's dark gymslip clad form isn't to your taste they throw in a blond bombshell as bonus eye candy, in the shape of Sarah Harding (Girls Aloud). Between the two of them there is something here for most of the dads!

And then there is the brooding Colin Firth, the headmistress' heart throb and go between character, switching sides from the baddies to the birdies.

There isn't much more to say really. A feast of stocking clad girls screaming their way to an implausible conclusion.

Belle was very taken by the film as it cleared up exactly who Shakespeare was and laid to rest the name of the missing play. It looks like Mrs Shakespeare's "Queen Leer" is going to be a big hit at the Globe this year. That's Belle's Masters Dissertation sorted.

As to the boating link? The name 'Wand'ring Bark' has nothing to do with dogs and everything to do with the Bard. A quick Google search will provide illumination.

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