Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Winter sunset in Staffordshire

Winter Sunset in Staffordshire
5th Jan 2010

Boat trips are few and far between at this time of the year, hence my focus on tracking down the lost canals of the BCN. They make an interesting diversion when the days are cold, short and wet, but they arn't the same as 'proper' canal expeditions.

It's therefore good to make the most of the trips we do take, and particularly satisfying when the weather obliges with a last minute moment of sunset glory.

Old Jack Frost released his icy grip on the canal for a couple of days after Christmas, which allowed us to to enjoy our regular festive trip to the Fox and Anchor at Coven. But now it's back to the weed and rubble filled ditches of the Black Country till February, when those green shoots of spring try to to double up as the long awaited green shoots of recovery!

I think its time to put the recession behind us and get on with life. Our time on this planet is too short to spend it licking our fiscal wounds.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos - I guess that's some consolation - the cold and frosty weather gives a unique light for photography.....

Keep warm :-)

Sue, Indigo Dream

Captain Ahab said...

But the same snow and ice makes it impossible to reach the canal to take the photos......
Hey ho - there is always the trusty BCN to fall back on - but hopefully not into!