Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Things left undone....

Things left undone.... those outstanding jobs

January 2010

The Book of Common Prayer encourages us to seek forgiveness for both the things we have done wrong, and for the things we have left undone.

I suspect that on the day of reckoning there will be more items on my 'left undone' list than and my 'wrong things done', i'm that kind of a guy.

Take the items identified as 'in need of corrective action' on Wand'ring Bark when we bought her nearly four years ago. I casually acknowledged these issues and thought, 'oh yeh, I will get them done in the first year'. It's a bit sobering to revisit the survey and realise that, in spite if having achieved so much, so many items remain incomplete:
  • Insert an inspection hatch at the rear of the cabin floor - done 
  • Paint the inside of the weedhatch - done twice 
  • Install a galvanic isolator - not done (but we rarley hook up into the mains) 
  • Paint the gunwales non slip - done (but not before someone slipped off)
  • Cut engine deck board in two - not done
  • De rust and repaint the bottom of the gas locker - done
  • Support aft cooling hose to avoid chaffing - done (but I wish I had done the front one too before it chaffed through on the alternator).
  • Antifreeze density check - done, oh yes - done, I went overboard on that one!
  • Move 240 volt socket from wall to bulkhead - not done
  • Insert shims under feet of stove as hanging on pipe - not done - but sorted itself out
  • Water tank repainted internally - done (horrible job)
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors fitted - done and not done.
Life is one long compromise, sifting the important from the urgent and getting ones prorities right. With the BSC approaching I think the outstanding things can wait a while longer while I focus on the things that really matter. 

Now where did I put that absolutely vital 'Diesel off tap' sign?

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